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Amy Mae Smith’s ingenious lighting design uses a mixture of candlelight and suggestive colours and it transforms the small space from shop to dark London street to the murder-central barbers.

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Sweeney Todds lighting gets top marks for intimacy and atmosphere. Early sections are lit by candlelight and lanterns….

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......, The Guardian
Full credit also to Amy Mae Smith’s lighting and Joshua Richardson’s sound design, which also manipulate the snug surroundings to great effect….

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......, Whats On Stage
‘this fleet-footed, stylishly lit affair delivers the essentials’

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Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph – 4 STARS
I could write for several paragraphs more about the dexterity of the troupe of climbing, singing, character-swapping actors, or the tirelessness of the pianist and the accompanying violin and clarinet, or the clever use of space, and the perfectly-handled light.

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Xenobe Purvis, Litro- Arts And Culture